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As a PR consultant in Manchester, I can help get your startup the exposure needed to see a difference. Effective public relations can elevate your business to the next level.
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PR Consultancy Services in Manchester

PR Audit
PR Training
PR Consult

PR Audit

Known also as a public relations audit, a PR audit evaluates the public relations strategies and activities of an organization. Public relations audits are designed to identify areas for improvement and assess how well public relations efforts are doing
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Reaffirming your business purpose
Staying one step ahead
Examining your strategy

PR Training

One of the purposes of a PR consultant is to equip a team with the skills needed to promote a positive image and reputation of a company. For example, in everyday media relations or in a crisis management situation.
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Matias Rodsevich
PR Consultant in Amsterdam

PR Consult

I offer the full spectrum of PR services. including media relations, crisis management, content creation, thought leadership, and reputation management. I can also help with market research, strategic planning, and competitor analysis.
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Press releases
Organizing events
Handling media inquiries
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Joshua Bell
SVP of Marketing
We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press

Not just another PR Expert in Manchester

Many PR agencies and consultants have a set mold for doing PR. I do it differently. By looking at your organization’s specific needs, I can design a PR strategy tailored for your organization only.
I specialize in public relations for tech startups and scaleups
Getting you traction in sought after publications for your target audience
Positioning you as a thought leader and key contributor in your industry
Helping you achieve real and sustainable growth one bit at a time

Why choose me as your freelance PR consultant in Amsterdam?

There are many advantages and reasons for doing PR. Here are just a handful of the most important:

Brand Awareness

PR freelance can promote a brand or company, attracting media attention and coverage. This exposure can garner a favorable public perception.

Third-party endorsement

When third parties speak positively about a brand, they effectively endorse its expertise and leadership, positively impacting its reputation and credibility.
Effective media placement and ideal timing can bring your business opportunities to the attention of venture capitalists or equity investors.
By establishing your company’s credibility and reputation, public relations freelance can enhance your market position by attracting new and qualified leads.

Why choose me as your freelance PR Consultant in Manchester?

There are many advantages and reasons for doing PR. Here are just a handful of the most important:

Brand Awareness

I help brands connect with their target audience and stand out by developing and implementing effective brand awareness strategies. Let me help yours.

Third-party endorsement

Through my expertise as a PR freelancer, I can help you secure third-party endorsements to build credibility and trust with your target audience.

Attract investors

By creating compelling narratives, I can help you secure that all-important investment and fund raising.. Let's work together to achieve your goals.

Lead generation

My lead generation strategies can generate high-quality leads and help your brand nurture them through the sales process.

About Public Relations in Manchester

To quickly mention, there are a number of opportunities for professionals and businesses to get involved in public relations in Manchester. The PR sector in Manchester is creative and vibrant, with strong interest in healthcare and technology.
Tech specialist
Startup expert
PR the modern way

Tech specialist

Tech PR needs to be is relevant, modern and forward thinking. As a tech PR consultant, I have assisted startups, established brands, and thought leaders in the tech industry, keeping up with trends and technologies.
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Startup and scaleup expert

It is essential to build a reputation from scratch. It is essential to build a reputation from scratch.Creating a strong brand to resonate with your audience takes time and effort and doesn't happen overnight. As a PR consultant who specializes in PR for startups and scaleups, I can help
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PR the modern way

A great product or service isn't enough today. The key is communicating its USP in a way that resonates with your target audience. I work closely with you to identify your brand's most compelling and newsworthy features.
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SMART goals and measurable key performance indicators are the cornerstone of my PR consulting. That is why I work closely with you to create SMART goals and measurable KPIs that align with your business goals.
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See how my PR model has benefitted other businesses
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Niels Floors

Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine
"We were very impressed with how quickly PRLab moved to secure coverage in multiple different markets. They really went the extra mile to deliver results, delivering content beyond our brief to make gains for us in key markets."
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Monica Ciovică

Community Marketer, Recruitee
"I really appreciated that throughout our collaboration, the PRLab team really felt like part of our own team. That is not something common when working with external agencies. They were always available for us, friendly and professional."
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Joshua Bell

SVP of Marketing, NuPay Technologies
"We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press. PRLab helped raise awareness for our project and provided many high-quality backlinks. PRLab also acquired multiple comment slots for our CEO and CTO."

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Some answers for the most common public relations questions

What does a PR consultant do?

Managing and enhancing a client's reputation and public image as a PR consultant is my focus, as well as building positive relationships with all stakeholders. PR Consultants develop and implement effective PR strategies and analyze campaign performance thereafter..

What types of businesses in Manchester can benefit from PR consulting?

It is possible for any company in Manchester seeking to build its brand, reputation, or public profile to benefit from professional PR services. A thriving startup and innovation ecosystem in Manchester makes PR an excellent option for technology, creative, and hospitality businesses.

How long does it take to see results from PR consulting in Manchester?

Public relations success depends on a range of factors. These include the type of industry in which you operate the size of your business and the specific goals and objectives of your PR campaign. PR is not a quick-fix, but instead a long-term strategy..

What types of PR strategies do you use for businesses in Manchester?

Coverage is not always easy, but there are plenty of opportunities for coverage, and the market is quite responsive and open. Journalists are generally receptive to pitches, warm or cold and are open to multiple contact options.

How do you work with businesses in Manchester to develop a customized PR strategy?

Every company is different. To create a PR strategy that is tailored to your company, I sit down with you to discuss your needs, your industry, environment and your competitors. We’ll devise a compelling narrative and brand story to help you stand out

How can I get started with your PR consulting services in Manchester?

I want to learn about your company, what it is you do, and what you desire from PR efforts.. From there, we discuss the next steps and how my PR consultancy can assist.

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